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Sars cov−2 spike protein derivates−graphene and wireless comunications radiation : epidemiological −chemico physical and toxicological aspects−scientific evidence

Mauro Luisetto1*, Naseer A2, Edbey K3, Tarro G4, Ansovini R5, Cipelli Benzi6, Cabianca L7, Gamal A8, Mashori Gulam Rasool9, Oleg yurevich Latyshev10

Aim of this work is to search and analyze scientific literature involved in the effect played by wireless comunication radiation in the SARS-COV-2 spike protein derivates pathological process. This make possible to verify if it is necessary to be considered as a toxicological co-factor Various published evidence finded graphene impurity in vial some covid-19 vaccine (P. Campra) or in vaccinated blood (Giovannini et al). But It is relevant to deeply investigate this phenomena using only scientifc evidence. Crucial also to verify the subpopulation distribution of pathological event in vaccinated like pericarditys or central nervous system thrombosys as well as the use of some technological tool like smartphone in the various age classes. This method make possible to generate hypotesys to be better veriefied. In this work is used a neutral approch without pre-concept