Tendências Atuais em Cardiologia


Molecular imaging and its pathways in nuclear cardiology.

Stefan Walter*

Development of sub-atomic imaging bears potential to change atomic cardiology from a basically demonstrative strategy to an accuracy medication instrument. Sub-atomic targets amiable for imaging and helpful mediation are especially encouraging to work with risk delineation, patient choice and dazzling direction of novel treatments, and cross examination of frameworks based bury organ correspondence. Harmless representation of pathobiology gives important experiences into the movement of sickness and reaction to therapy. In particular, Inflammation, fibrosis, and neurohormonal flagging, vital to the movement of cardiovascular illness and arising helpful systems, have been explored by sub-atomic imaging. As the quantity of radio ligands develops, cautious examination of the limiting properties and added-benefit of imaging ought to be focused on to recognize high-expected tests and work with interpretation to clinical applications. In this survey, we examine the present status of atomic imaging in cardiovascular medication, and the difficulties and open doors ahead for cardiovascular sub-atomic imaging to explore the way from conclusion to visualization to customized medication.