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An aborted sudden cardiac death in a case of prinzmetal angina.

Vikas Yadav, Hamna Ashraf, Anum T. Hussain, Arsal Kamran, Roopeessh Vempati

Prinzmetal Angina (PzA) is characterized by recurrent episodes of chest pain owing to coronary artery vasospasms. These episodes are associated with electrocardiographic evidence of transient ST segment elevations. Although rare, patients with PzA can have ventricular arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), even in the absence of any risk factors for SCD. We herein report a case of a 47-year-old female, who is a known case of PzA, on adequate medical therapy and still having recurrent episodes of chest pain, which were complicated by sudden cardiac arrest, requiring an ICD in view of preventing future risk of SCD.